Bass Instincts - Alicia Crossley

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Bass Instincts

Alicia Crossley (bass recorder)


The bass recorder is an exquisite instrument that has evolved from its humble consort roots into a virtuosic solo instrument. It possesses a beautifully deep, earthy tone, with mellow and haunting characteristics. Alicia Crossley, one of Australia's leading recorder players, presents an exciting program of new Australian works.

The instrument sings with a natural lyricism that can effortlessly morph into agitated and textural soundscapes. It is these unique musical qualities that are embraced and showcased in the compositions created for Bass Instincts.

With diverse compositions written by some of Australia’s leading female composers, Bass Instincts explores the instinctual musicality, versatility and virtuosity of this unique instrument.


Sylvan (Holly Harrison)
Lost in the Darkness (Fiona Hill)
Alhekulyele (Anne Boyd)
Inhaltations (Alice Chance)
Before You (Lisa Cheney)
Vibration Mediation (Amanda Cole)
The Clockmaker (Jessica Wells)

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  • MCD 624