Awesome Piano Classics Vol.1

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Awesome Piano Classics Vol. 1

Sonatas on the Stuart  &  Sons Piano

Gregory Kinda (piano)


Mozart - Sonata 10 in C K.330
Beethoven - Sonata 21 in C Op.53 - Waldstein
Bach · Siloti - Prelude in B minor
Liszt - Sonata in B minor S.178

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GREGORY KINDA is a true virtuoso in the great tradition of Polish concert artists. Resident in Australia since 2000 he has worked as a teacher and performer, including an appearance at The Steinway Spectacular in Melbourne in 2008.

This is Kinda’s first CD, and the first Leatham Music release of classical masterworks recorded on the Australian designed and built Stuart  &  Sons piano.

Kinda takes full advantage of the increased dynamic range and broader tonal palette of this remarkable instrument to bring a new dimension to music of the Classical and Romantic repertoire.

From the delicate clarity of Mozart K.330 to a tumultuous performance of the Beethoven Waldstein sonata and finally to a breathtaking account of Liszt’s titanic B minor Sonata, Kinda's vision for the future of the classical piano sound is fully realized.

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