Australian Premieres

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  • Australian Premières
  • First recordings of unperformed Australian symphonies
  • George Marshall-Hall: Symphony in C minor
  • Peter Tahourdin: Symphony no 5
  • David Morgan: Symphony no 13

None of these symphonies has ever been performed in public. Once you’ve heard this music you will wonder why. All three works are definitely worth hearing. By making use of his digital orchestra, David Stanhope has breathed life into these neglected works, making them available to be heard for the first time.

David Stanhope says “Few ears, even those of an expert, are likely to notice the difference between an actual orchestra and a digital one like my orchestra, if not told beforehand. But spotting flaws (which may be the absence of flaws!) is not the point. It is the music itself and its worth that matters most in creating digital performances that bring unknown or neglected music to life. It needs to be stressed that there is no intention to replace orchestras or their players by this project; it records music that cannot presently be heard because existing orchestras do not play it. The one should complement the other, and may lead to recognition and future performances.”

Stanhope is a renowned Australian conductor, noted for his many operatic performances and his recording and performing work with Australian orchestras. This project is part of his research for his doctorate and is a world-first in the international world of recording.