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Tall Poppies

Ian Munro & Anne Ghandar, piano

Anne Ghandar teaches composition at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales. She is herself a formidable pianist. She gave the first Australian performances of Messiaen's Four Rhythmic Studies and lves' Concord Sonata, and First Sonata, and has given many recitals throughout the world.

She is the only pianist who has ever performed the complete piano music of Schoenberg in Australia. She is an authority on Middle Eastern music, and her music often inhabits that harmonic sound-world. She is also inspired by nature, especially birds and water. Ian Munro plays this music with utter affection, and Anne joins him for the Little Suite and gives a marvellous performance of Photophoresis.


Anne Ghandar

Photophoresis (1989)
Four Songs For Piano (1996)
Ras Mohammed (1992)
Reflections (1996)
Little Suite (1996)
Synapsis (1991)
Night Pictures (1997)
Toushka (1998)
Dahab (1993)
Rainy Day Rag (1998)
Garden With Birds (1998-99)
For Mostafa (1993)
September Suite (1999)
Cool and Quiet Water (1998)
Scillitin (1991)