Alice Giles plays Salzedo

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Tall Poppies

Alice Giles - harp

Alice Giles is one of Australia’s best musicians, and this CD contains some of Zalzedo’s seminal works for solo harp. Giles' beauty of tone and unabashed virtuosity bring a clarity and vigour to this music.

She says:

“Carlos Salzedo (1885-1961) was a musician of all-round creative genius and great innovator. He was a virtuoso harpist and pianist, a renowned composer, teacher and conductor, and was a dynamic force in the contemporary music of his day. For the harp Salzedo has been the equivalent of Paganini for the violin or Liszt for the piano. His approach to the instrument brought it into the twentieth century in its rightful place as a powerful and colourful solo instrument, freeing it from the old concept of monotone sweetness.

The works recorded here show the many colours and new techniques available on the harp. His notation and written musical indications or poetic descriptions were always extremely specific – down to the minutest gesture or the smallest detail of rhythm and duration of vibration of the strings, exacting in consequence great attention to detail of colour and mood in the performer.” (Alice Giles)

This recording was made in Germany in 1992 and re-released in Australia in 2008. It was recorded for Bavarian Radio.


Carlos Salzedo

Ballade. op. 28
Five Poetical Studies
Suite of Eight Dances
Variations sur un theme dans le style ancien, Op. 30