Across the Top

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  • Paul Cutlan (bass clarinet), Brett Hirst (bass)
  • NOISE Quartet

Paul Cutlan is one of the very few Australian composers who likes to work in the overlap between classical and jazz music. In this project he has found an ideal partner in the NOISE quartet, which loves to extend its performance techniques with improvisation.

The main work, Across the Top, was written for solo bass clarinet (played by the composer) and solo bass (performed impeccably by Brett Hirst). This is an extended piece inspired by Paul's many tours to the north of Australia and his responses to the sights and sounds of the outback and its peoples.

Of the remaining three works on this CD, The Dawning Dark is a group improvisation and Times Past and Perhaps Next Time are older works of Paul's that seemed eminently suited to the forces available, and have thus earned themselves a new life.

Listeners will be inspired by the haunting sound-world of this instrumental combination and the beauty of the music.