Pearl of May

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Pearl of May

Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble

Tall Poppies is delighted to feature Satsuki Odamura and her Koto Ensemble once more. This CD contains new Australian works composed for the koto group by Sandy Evans and Ian Cleworth, as well as a new work for solo bass koto by Mark Isaacs. All works celebrate anniversaries of Satsuki’s work in Australia and her 30th anniversary is represented by the Pearl. All Satsuki’s recordings celebrate her immersion in Australian musical culture, beginning with Like A Bird (Tall Poppies TP044, 1994). It’s very interesting to see how different composers have reacted to this very Asian stringed instrument.


Sandy Evans: Gogatsu no Shinju (2018)
Sandy Evans: Her Wild Spirit (2018)
Mark Isaacs: Chinkon 鎮 魂 (2006)
Sandy Evans: Rain Has Passed 雨が通り過ぎた (2018)
Sandy Evans: The Moon in the Water 水面の月 (2018)
Ian Cleworth: The Silver Pavilion 銀の館 (2013)


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