Le Tango Perpetuel

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Le Tango Perpetuel

Australia Ensemble
with Gerald English (tenor)

    • Tall Poppies CD
    • TP266

    This CD contains a collection of wonderful piano music in transcriptions for the Australia Ensemble by its pianist Ian Munro, who says: “In these four essays in transcription, I have aimed to bring further instrumental colour to masterworks of the piano repertoire.... I have frequently turned to gems of the piano repertoire that seem to me to contain instrumental colours trapped within them, begging to be released. To be honest, though, I have always enjoyed recasting music that I love into forms that I can play with friends, probably the best justification for arranging anything.”

    Ian Munro is a superb pianist and is also recognised as an imaginative composer. These transcriptions reveal that imagination in works which are quite beguiling in this form.

    This CD also features a rare performance by Gerald English in his later years in the concert performance of Satie’s Sports et Divertissements.

    With the Australia Ensemble at its customary peak this recording is one to be treasured.


    Maurice Ravel: Ma Mère l’Oye
    Claude Debussy: Six Epigraphes Antiques
    Erik Satie: Sports et Divertissements
    (featuring tenor Gerald English)
    Ernesto Nazareth: Selected piano pieces:
    - Bambino (c.1907)
    - Duvidoso (1913)
    - Escorregando (1923?)
    - Fon-Fon! (1913)
    - Nove de Julho (1917)
    - Os Teus Olhos Cativam (1883)
    - Resignação (1930)
    - Suculento (1919)