Australian Premieres volume 2

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Australian Premières volume 2

First recordings of four Australian works for orchestra and soloist(s)

Ryszard Pusz (percussion)
Dimity Hall (violin) and Julian Smiles (cello)
David Stanhope (piano)
David Stanhope & His Orchestra

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    David Morgan
    Concerto (opus 77) for Solo Percussion and Orchestra
    Ryszard Pusz: percussion

    Andrew Ford
    David Stanhope: piano

    Robert Constable
    Dimity Hall: violin • Julian Smiles: cello

    Eric Bryce
    Concerto For Marimba/Vibraphone
    Ryszard Pusz: percussion


    This CD proves that it is possible to record a concerto with a soloist and a digital orchestra. And at the same time bring to light four remarkable works that have never been recorded, and in two instances never performed. All of these works have been patiently languishing in archives and can now see the light of day.

    David Morgan is an Adelaide-based composer who never thought he’d hear his percussion concerto. Andrew Ford wrote his piano concerto 30 years ago and has been seriously patient in the meantime. Robert Constable’s Medea has occupied a bottom drawer for over 30 years..... And Eric Bryce will never hear his Concerto but we all can.

    Look what happens when you rummage in the archives!

    Come and have a rummage with David Stanhope and his marvellous Digital Orchestra shining a light into some forgotten corners of the musical universe.

    Get to know some forgotten Aussie masterpieces!