Carl Vine Symphonies 1-6 [2CD]

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CARL VINE (b. 1954)


Born in Perth in 1954, Carl Vine is one of Australia's most prolific and versatile composers. Carl Vine’s six symphonies trace concisely the evolution that brought him back to the original symphonic tradition that modernity temporarily curtailed.

Carl Vine's metaphor for his own symphonic practice is drawn from the natural sciences: composition begins with a ‘crystal’, a musical idea whose characteristic angles and planes are explored and transformed in the course of the work’s creation. This process of transformation, of presenting material in varying lights, coupled with the composer’s sense of timing, makes for a series of works whose inherent drama is considerable.

These recordings feature the Sydney Symphony Orchestra under the batons of Edo de Waart and the late Stuart Challender, with the assistance of Synergy percussion ensemble ("Percussion Symphony") and the Sydney Philharmonia Choir ("Choral Symphony").


CD 1
1. Symphony No. 1 'MicroSymphony' (1986)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Stuart Challender

2. Symphony No. 2 (1988)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Stuart Challender

3. Symphony No. 3 (1990)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Stuart Challender

4. Celebrare Celeberrime (1993)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Edo de Waart

CD 2
1. Symphony No. 4.2 (1993, revised 1998)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Edo de Waart

Symphony No. 5 'Percussion' (1995)
2. Part I

3. Part II (Tarantella)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Synergy, Edo de Waart

Symphony No. 6 'Choral' (1996)
4. Introduction
5. I Enuma Elish (When on High)
6. II Eis Gen Metera Panton (To the Earth, Mother of All)
7. III Eis Selenen (To the Moon)
8. IV Eis Helion (To the Sun)
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir, Edo de Waart

Recorded at Sydney Town Hall, May, July, September 1990 (Symphonies Nos. 1-3), July 1996 (Symphony No. 5 ‘Percussion’), 17-21 March 1997 (Celebrare Celeberrime), 17-19 March 1998 (Symphony No. 4.2, Choral Symphony) in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.