F Benda JG Graun Saint-Georges Sirmen - Violin Concertos

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By Franz Benda, Johann Gottlieb Graun, Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges, Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen

Il Pomo d’Oro
Zefira Valova (violin and director)


ll Pomo d'Oro and Zefira Valova focus here on the little-known violin concertos of the second half of the eighteenth century. Bringing together the works of Franz Benda and Johann Gottlieb Graun (in a world premiere recording), pillars of the orchestra at the court of Frederick II of Prussia, as well as those of the Venetian virtuoso Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen and the iconoclastic Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges (also in a world premiere recording), this album offers a bright panorama of the evolution of the genre, culminating in Mozart's achievements in the last quarter of the century, of which Il Pomo d'Oro and Zefira Valova offer us a glimpse with the famous Rondo in C K. 373.


Benda, Franz
Violin Concerto in A major, LII:13

Graun, Johann Gottlieb
Violin Concerto in C minor, GraunWV Av:XII:18

Saint-Georges, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de
Violin Concerto in D major

Sirmen, Maddalena Lombardini
Violin Concertos no.1 in B flat major, op.3

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Rondo for violin and orchestra in C major, K373


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