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Sun Fun and Other Disappointments

The Australian Chamber Choir performs works by eight Australian composers. Douglas Lawrence directs a program of pure gold.

Australian composer Gordon Kerry sets these lines, in which Shakespeare describes how the morning light performs a ‘heavenly alchemy’ on the landscape. In the sonnet, Shakespeare refers to the branch of metaphysics dealing with the transformation of base metals into gold.

Following Kerry’s work are compositions by seven other Australian composers, each of them conjuring their own alchemy. The voices of individual singers are like base metals, which, given the right circumstances, undergo a seemingly magical transformation into a choral sound of pure gold.


Australian Chamber Choir, Douglas Lawrence (conductor)



Alchemy - Gordon Kerry
Kondalilla - Stephen Leek
Power in Stillness - Christine McCombe
A Lexicon of Dreams - Christine McCombe
Fern Hill - Luke Speedy-Hutton
Gagudju Man - Tom Henry
I Had a Dream - Brenton Broadstock
Unspoken - Luke Speedy-Hutton
Time Passages - Alan Holley
English Eccentrics - Malcolm Williamson


Move Records CD
Released July 2024