Argentine Cello

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More than just Piazzolla, hear the tango as presented by 7 fantastic composers and performed by two of Australia's finest young musicians, Zoe Knighton (cello) and Amir Farid (piano).

This CD has been the result of a joint love of Argentine music, a love of the tango and a love of playing together. We have so enjoyed this repertoire and each time we visit these pieces, we feel more attached to them. There are some threads running through our choice of repertoire – the first being an ongoing connection between Europe (specifically Italy) and Argentina. Vincenzo Piazzolla (Astor’s father) is quoted by his son as saying that all the best tango composers come from South Italy. We also follow a geographical thread with the region in Argentina known as the Pampas. Quite often, specific places give rise to a wealth of inspiration and it seems this region has done just that.

MD 3347