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Flute Perspectives Special Bundle

To mark the May 2020 release of the second volume of "Flute Perspectives", we are offering a special bundle of both CDs for the low price of $40.00, a saving of $10.00.

This is a limited offer, until 30 July, unless sold out prior.

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Flute Perspectives 2

Derek Jones (flute) and Cameron Roberts (piano) present a program of new Australian works composed by Anne Boyd, Stuart Greenbaum, Rohan Phillips, Mark Pollard and Richard Meale.


Stuart Greenbaum: Sonata for Flute and Piano (2015)
i. distance to Ganymede: 628,300,000 km
ii. ice crust: 150 km thick
iii. saltwater ocean underground
iv. for those in peril on the sea

Rohan Phillips: Seven Fragments after Paul Celan - Fragment III - in the liquefied names the dolphins dart

Anne Boyd: “Cloudy Mountain” for Flute and Piano (1981)

Mark Pollard: Three miniatures
i. Sheridan Close for solo piccolo
ii. The Amber Room for solo alto flute
iii. Illoura House for solo flute

Richard Meale: Sonata for Flute and Piano (1960)
i. movement 1
ii. movement 2
iii. movement 3
iv. movement 4

Released May 2020

Move Records MD 3449

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Flute Perspectives 1

Flautist Derek Jones, and pianist Leigh Harrold present this anthology of contemporary Australian Flute Music.

Some of the finest names in Australian composition are represented here, Peter Sculthorpe, Barry Conyngham, Brian Brown, Anne Boyd, Mark Pollard, Phyllis Batchelor as well as Derek Jones.

MD 3406