Dupre: Organ Symphony

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  • ABC Classics
  • 4764357
  • Michael Dudman (organ)
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Patrick Thomas

Marcel Dupre was one of the master organists of his time and one of the major figures in French organ music of the 20th Century. Deploying the stunning range of colours of the organ of the Sydney Town Hall, this recording presents works for both solo organ as well as organ and orchestra.

The Symphony treats the organ as part of the orchestra (not unlike Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony) whereas in the Concerto it is very much a case of fireworks. This CD is completed with the meditative Versets and one of Dupre's most popular organ works, Cortege et Litanie.


Dupré: Organ Concerto in E minor, Op. 31
(1890 William Hill & Grand Organ: Sydney Town Hall)

 Dupré: Cortège et Litanie, Op. 19 No. 2
(1890 William Hill & Grand Organ: Sydney Town Hall)

Dupré: Symphony in G minor for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 25
(1890 William Hill & Grand Organ: Sydney Town Hall)

Dupré: Versets on ’Ave Maris Stella’ (from Vespers of the Virgin, Op. 18)
With Students of Newcastle University Conservatorium of Music
(1972 Rudolf von Beckerath Organ: Great Hall, University of Sydney)